Why the fund drive?

The Lincoln Park First Aid Squad once a year asks for donations from the public. Because the Squad has NEVER billed a patient for its services, this fund drive is important for its survival.

Why should I donate?
The Squad is a volunteer organization with more than 30 members who devote countless hours to make sure the Lincoln Park residents are safe. The Squad has carried a tradition of unselfish devotion to Lincoln Park residents since 1965. When making a donation to this life saving organization you can be sure that it goes to a good cause.

How much does it cost to run a volunteer squad?
The easiest way for us to calculate the cost is to budget our moneys. If you were to take our total budget and divide it by the number of calls, the average emergency cost the Squad $110.00 per call.

What are some of the most costly bills?
The Squads supplies & equipment are by far the most expensive bill per year. We also have to budget our funds for the future to purchase vehicles. An average ambulance will cost the Squad over $100,00.00 and will last more then ten years.

How do I donate?
A mailer should have come to your house. Please return your tax deductible donation in the enclosed envelope. If you did not get a mailer, just contact us. We would very much appreciate a donation anyway, by enclosing your name and address with a check. Please mail it to Lincoln Park First Aid Squad , PO Box 332, Lincoln Park, NJ 07035-0332.

I have a question?
Then please call us at 694-3304, or contact the webmaster. We would be happy to answer your Fund Drive question.

On behalf of the entire Squad, thank you for your support!!!!!
Lincoln Park First Aid Squad is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible